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Florida Heat Pumps

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

An ingenious and effective solution to reducing global warming and to the protection of our environment.

An increasing number of consumers, worried about the environment and in search for alternatives to traditional energy resources turn to geothermal energy to heat and cool their home. Natural, clean and safe. Geothermal energy is the most efficient type of heating and air conditioning in the world. It uses the free, renewable energy from the earth and reduces the use of fossil fuels.

Our geothermal systems are the most efficient on the market, because they can deliver five units of energy of heating or cooling to the home for every unit of electrical energy used.

Geothermal systems generate reductions of exploitation costs of up to 70% annually: the added investment related to installing a geothermal unit is generally recovered in energy savings within a few years.

Water-to-Air Units (Pulsed-Air)

A water-to-air geothermal heat pump, device at the heart of a geothermal system, is designed to extract heat from a low-grade source (like the earth) by way of an open or closed loop and concentrate it for use to heat a space. It consists of a compressor, a blower motor and a circulating pump. A reversing valve enables it to switch functions to provide both forced air conditioning and heat to a home using it's blower motor.

Water to Water Units (Hydronic)

A water-water geothermal heat pump is designed to produce hot water or chilled water. Heated or chilled water is used to convey energy using water as a heat transfer medium. Hot water is often used in a radiant floor heat system, and chilled water is used in conjunction with a fan coil unit; can also be used to heat water for domestic use.

Hybrid Units (Pulsed-Air + Hydronic)

Triple function "hybrid" geothermal heat pump combines the functions of water-to-air and water-to-water. This heat pump can produce forced air heating or cooling, as well as hot water for hydronic heating.